Fun Fact
Members of SSK and Airtec used to demonstrate CYPRES activated reserve deployments on live jumps during the World Freefall Convention. The activation altitude was set to 4,000 ft causing the jumper to be pulled out of the 20-way formation so others could witness.
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The CYPRES wasn't the first AAD ever created but with its visionary cutter system, superior engineering and electronics it revolutionized the way the skydiving industry viewed AADs forever. There is a reason that all modern AADs look like a CYPRES. Since the mid to late 90's, all containers manufactured were built to accept the CYPRES. A proven maintenance plan and a driven dedication for excellence have made CYPRES the most popular AAD worldwide. Accept no substitutes.


CYPRES 2 Advantages:

  • 27+ years of experience, 4,000+ real saves
  • 15.5 year lifetime warranty
  • No user battery replacement - no cost to user for batteries, ever!
  • Predictable cost of ownership
  • User-Selectable Activation Altitude
  • Superior cutter design, has always cut the loop cleanly, even with no tension on the loop
  • Unique V-cut technology
  • Three times as powerful as other cutter systems
  • Full force in one cutting intersection
  • Superior reserve container closing loop system
  • Waterproof: 8 foot depth for 24 hours
  • Proactive, scheduled maintenance to ensure continued accurate operation and to perform any applicable updates
  • Will not accidentally activate if aircraft is over-pressurized on the ground or in flight
  • No need to avoid opening the aircraft door of the plane during flight in the activation region to avoid pressure variations which could result in an unexpected activation
  • No need to switch off before traveling in a closed vehicle (car, bus, train...) to avoid unexpected cutter activation
  • No need to reset if there is a change in atmospheric pressure of more than 10 hpa for optimal precision - CYPRES automatically tracks weather changes throughout the day
  • No need to verify that CYPRES is within 10 hpa of a calibrated barometer
  • More than 183,000 units produced (83,000 CYPRES & 100,000+ CYPRES 2)
  • 123,000,000+ jumps
  • CYPRES has never failed to activate and cut the loop when the conditions were met. (To our knowledge as of 8/2018)
  • 22,000+ loops cleanly cut, ZERO FAILURES

(Advantages in comparison to other AADs.) 


CYPRES Trade-In Program: Receive a $70 trade-in credit ($50 if cutter is activated/missing) towards the purchase of a new CYPRES 2 when turning in an expired CYPRES. *Trade-in value may be adjusted due to exchange rate.

Contact Us for current CYPRES pricing or to make a purchase.   *CYPRES price varies with exchange rate.


Introducing the newest member to the CYPRES family:  the Wing Suit CYPRES (WSC)

Wing Suit Cypres 300 - 72ppiThis unit is unique in the fact that it breaks the jump into two stages: wing suit mode and canopy mode. Also, in addition to the unit itself, there is an audible device that completes the WSC. During the freefall portion, the unit has a set activation speed of 45mph (20m/s).  This lower activation speed should allow the unit to activate if, for some reason, the jumper enters a flat spin.

After the wing suit portion of the jump is completed and the jumper opens their main canopy, the unit enters canopy mode.  After several seconds under canopy, the jumper is made aware that the switch in modes has been successful via a melodic tone generated by the WSC audible device.  The canopy mode can be set to either Expert or Speed depending on the jumper’s needs.

The WSC can be recognized by the red button with the white Wing Suit Logo imprint on the control unit.

As long as the WSC works in Wing Suit Status, it activates the release unit at a vertical speed higher than approx. 45 mph (20 m/s) at an altitude of approx. 750 feet (225 meters) AGL and down to approx. 130 feet (40 meters). If between the altitude of approx. 6500 feet (2000meters) and approx. 1500 feet (450 meters) AGL and descending with less than approx. 19 mph (8.5 m/s) but more than 5.6 mph (2.5 m/s) for more than 10 seconds (this duration can be altered. See chapter 4.4.6), then the WSC changes to Canopy Status with different activation criteria. Thereafter it will activate the release unit at approx. 750 feet (225 meters) and down to approx. 130 feet (40 meters) AGL if the vertical speed is higher than approx. 78 mph (35 m/s). This is the Expert mode and the WSC default setting. In the case that the WSC has been set to use the Speed mode instead of the Expert mode, then it will activate the release unit at an altitude of approx. 750 feet (225 meters) and down to approx. 330 feet (100 meters) AGL, if the vertical speed is higher than approx. 102 mph (46 m/s).

The WSC System consists of the WSC unit and the WSC Audio.  The WSC unit and Audio are paired. Only these two will function together and both items carry the same serial number.



Expert 300 - 72PPIExpert CYPRES 2

The Expert CYPRES is the most commonly used model as it meets the demands of a wide range of jumpers. Either just off of student status or with skydives into the thousands, the Expert unit is probably the choice for you. The Expert CYPRES activates the cutter when it detects a descent rate higher than 78mph (35m/s) at an approximate default altitude of 750 ft (225m) above ground level (AGL).



Tandem 300 - 72ppi

Tandem CYPRES 2

The Tandem CYPRES was specifically designed to be used on Tandem style skydives, thus the higher activation altitude to allow for the larger canopies being used. The descent rate for the activation is the same as with the Expert CYPRES (78mph / 35m/s) but the default activation altitude is approximately 1900 ft (580m) AGL.



Student 300 - 72ppiStudent CYPRES 2

The Student CYPRES has unique activation parameters that better accommodate the safety needs of a student during the initial learning progression. If the descent rate is approximately the same rate as freefall, the unit will activate at approximately 750 ft (default setting, same as the Expert), but if the descent rate is lower than freefall speed and still above 29mph (e.g. with partially opened canopy), the unit will activate at approximately 1000 ft (300m) AGL (default setting). Unlike the Expert and Tandem models, it is recommended that the Student unit be turned off in the event that the jump is aborted as the vertical descent rate of the aircraft is still fast enough to activate the unit.


Speed 300 -72ppiSpeed CYPRES 2

The Speed CYPRES has the highest activation speed than any of the other models; 102mph (46m/s) at a default altitude of 750 ft (225m) AGL. Unlike the other models, the Speed CYPRES ceases operation below 330 ft (100m) AGL. The Speed CYPRES is designed specifically to allow for extreme canopy piloting. The high actviation speed plus the feature that ceases operation below 330 ft are tailored for this discipline. The Speed CYPRES is designed to activate reliably in all "regular" freefall situations (without special equipment or pilot chute) when no canopy or drogue is out. For some activities the Speed CYPRES may not be suitable!!

Already the Expert CYPRES may not activate during a wingsuit jump because the vertical speed can be too low; there is even less of a chance that the Speed CYPRES will activate. The Speed CYPRES will activate under an open main if the vertical speed is pushed at or above 102mph (46m/s), near or below the activation altitude. In case you exceed this vertical speed, then the Speed CYPRES should be switched off. Although the original 78mph (35m/s) speed needed to activate the Expert CYPRES had not been achieved under a fully inflated canopy for decades, today there are an increasing number of canopy pilots that can reach these speeds on every jump. The number of fatalities involving fully open parachutes show that these actions enhance the risk of skydiving dramatically. Please take all of this into consideration before making your choice.  


C-Mode 300 - 72ppichangeable MODE CYPRES 2

The changeable MODE CYPRES can be configured in the field to have the same activation parameters as any existing civilian model of CYPRES 2 (Expert, Student, Tandem or Speed). This feature can be accomplished by a set series of control unit button pushes until the appropriate model can be selected. After this is done, the current model version is visually recognizable on the control unit display when the unit is on. Model conversions for the Expert, Student, Tandem and Speed CYPRES 2 are available and performed at SSK and Airtec at no cost to the user other than shipping.

 CYPRES 2 User's Guide   Jan. 2017 revision


 Accessories / Spare Parts 

Packer's Kit

CYPRES Packer's Kit         $65.00

Includes: 2 temporary pins, 50m roll of loop material, finger trapping needle, 2oz silicon bottle, silicon cloth, 5 discs, 3 filters, filter changer tool, CYPRES User's Guide, and CYPRES Rigging Tips booklet. A must have for all riggers.


   1-Pin CYPRES Cutter


   Field Replaceable


   2-Pin CYPRES Cutter


   Field Replaceable


CYPRES Disc (closing loop washer)         $3.00

Securely fastens the CYPRES closing loop. Smooth edges to prevent loop abrasion. Also referred to as a "Smiley" due to the way it appears.


CYPRES Closing Loop         $1.50

Tear resistant, flexible, minimum break strength of 185 Kp (408 lbs). Minimal friction on reserve closing flap grommets. Handle pull force reduced by up to 50% as compared to previous loops. Used in the majority of containers worldwide for 24+ years.

Loop Rolls

CYPRES Loop Material        $25.00 / $92.00

Available in 50m and 200m spools.

CYPRES Finger Trapping Needle        $3.25

Makes finger trapping the CYPRES loop very easy, while adding no stress to the loop.


CYPRES Loop Silicon Grease        $4.10

2oz bottle with a wide opening makes it convenient for applying silicon to the closing loop.

Silicon Cloth

Cleanly apply and wipe away excess silicon from the closing loop.


CYPRES Filter        $6.25

Protects the internal components of your CYPRES from water and dust while still allowing for proper atmospheric pressure to pass through.

filter tool

CYPRES Filter Changer        $6.25

The filter changing tool makes removing and installing the filter extremely easy. It torques the filter to the appropriate amount and once tight enough the tool slips, making it impossible to strip the thread of the filter.

Temp Pin_250

CYPRES Temporary Pin        $9.00

Made of stainless steel. Perfect for all types of containers.


CYPRES Installation Kit

Everything for a proper CYPRES installation and secure retrofit if the container is not CYPRES ready. Processing unit pouches, control unit pockets, elastic cutter keepers, and cable channels available.  

Parachuting (Skydiving, Flying, & related activities) is, by its nature, a high risk activity and may cause or result in serious injury or death.

Regardless of any advertising or other written, verbal, or perceived claims to the contrary, parachuting is a high-speed dangerous activity that can severly injure or kill you. In spite of everyone’s intentions, there is no such thing as perfect parachute equipment, a perfect drop zone, a perfect airplane, a perfect instructor, a perfect pilot, a perfect parachute rigger, a perfect packer, a perfect skydiver, or a perfect student, and each of these factors and others involved will likely fail to perform as intended on occasion, possibly resulting in grave consequences, including serious injury or death.

Parachuting is a privilege, and those who participate do so of their own free will and acknowledge the risks involved. In return for the privilege, they knowingly give up certain rights and agree that neither they, nor anyone on their behalf, will seek damages from any person or entity involved, including but not limited to dropzones, instructors, aircraft owners, equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Automatic Activation Devices (AADs) are strictly backup devices and are not intended to replace proper training or timely execution of appropriate emergency procedures. Use of an AAD may even cause injury or death under certain circumstances. Prior to any use of an AAD, you must consult all relevant equipment manufacturers’ owners and operating manuals, and must obtain training from a properly qualified instructor to become more familiar with the risks involved and to ensure proper use of your equipment, including the AAD.

The “CYPRES” AAD has been on the market for over 20 years, has a near-perfect reliability record and has likely saved thousands of lives. Statistics indicate that its use tends to reduce the risk of serious injury or death. However, it must be understood that CYPRES does not eliminate these risks, and in certain rare circumstances it may even increase the risks.

The CYPRES is strictly a backup device which may or may not save your life or prevent serious injury. The CYPRES is an electromechanical device and as such, the possibility of a malfunction can not be excluded. The CYPRES does not open or deploy a parachute. It simply cuts a loop, which should allow the parachute opening sequence to begin. Because of many variables, this opening sequence may or may not occur at all, or in time to save your life or prevent injury. In an emergency, nothing, including the CYPRES, replaces your responsibility to activate your reserve parachute in a timely manner. If you, your family, relatives, or friends are not willing to accept these risks, please discontinue the use of CYPRES, and seriously consider taking up a safer sport!

Download PDF   ATTENTION DZO'S: click on link to download 11x17 printable poster or contact us for a free laminated version.


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