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Members of SSK and Airtec used to demonstrate CYPRES activated reserve deployments on live jumps during the World Freefall Convention. The activation altitude was set to 4,000 ft causing the jumper to be pulled out of the 20-way formation so others could witness.
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What’s the point of having a potentially life-saving AAD if you’re not going to have it routinely inspected? You wouldn’t drive your vehicle for 100,000 miles without having the oil changed, brakes inspected, new tires, tune up, etc. CYPRES is being used in extreme conditions/temperatures all over the world. The only way to maintain the high level of reliability that CYPRES is known for is the proven 4 and 8 year maintenance cycle. (5 and 10 year maintenance for units with DOM 01/17 and later.)

CYPRES-2 Maintenance Includes:

The Philosophy of Reliability   The reasons why AAD maintenance and lifetime are a must!

It is highly recommended that all CYPRES 2 units be returned to SSK or Airtec 4/8 years or 5/10 years (depending on the unit's maintenance schedule) from the original date of manufacture (DOM) found on the unit S/N label. CYPRES 2 has a window of plus/minus six months so you can schedule the maintenance when it is most convenient, such as when the rig will not be in use, or during the off season.

Maintenance - Highly Recommended:   Maintenance is mandatory on units with a DOM pre 01/16. In January 2016 the maintenance policy for units with a DOM 01/16 and beyond has changed from no longer being mandatory to highly recommended. In addition to the many benefits that the 4/8 or 5/10 year maintenance provides, as listed above, it also extends the original warranty until the next scheduled maintenance or end of service life. Please keep in mind that with any device, the longer you use it without a thorough inspection, the greater the chance that it will not work properly when you need it. If you choose to not have maintenance performed on your CYPRES, you are taking the risk that the reliability level will decrease.

Ready for Maintenance?   Complete our Online CYPRES Servicing Form and follow the instructions. SSK services CYPRES units in the Western Hemisphere, but if you are not sure whether to send it to SSK or Airtec based on your location, contact us.   

Maintenance Cost:   $160.00 plus return shipping.

How to determine when your CYPRES is due for Maintenance

method 1: When accessing the CYPRES unit's information after turn on, there is a feature that displays the next maintenance date. Refer to section 4.5 of the User's Guide for instructions on how to perform this. 4.5 Access to Unit Information

(e.g. if a CYPRES has a DOM of 08/12 and has not had its 4-year maintenance, the next maintenance date will display 08/16. However, with the +/- 6 month window, the maintenance can be performed within the range of 02/16 thru 02/17)  

method 2: Locate the unit's DOM and calculate 4/8 years from the date +/- 6 months for the maintenance window. The DOM can be found several different ways; a. on the processing unit (black box), b. the CYPRES 2 Test Certificate that came with your new CYPRES, c. check your reserve packing data card - some riggers record this information there, d. if you are still not sure, just email us your CYPRES 2 serial number.

Model Conversion

Model conversions for the Expert, Tandem, Student and Speed CYPRES 2 are available and performed at no cost to you except for shipping. This can be performed during the scheduled maintenance or separately from it.

Rental Units

Contact us if you are in need of a short term Rental CYPRES. Available for $2.00 per day, plus shipping.

1-Pin to 2-Pin Conversion 

If switching from a 1-pin cutter to a 2-pin, turn in your 1-pin cutter and we will charge you only 50% for the 2-pin cutter.

Warranty Repairs

Airtec GmbH & Co. KG provides the 2 year warranty required by law, and 3 additional years where all repairs are free of charge, except resulting from intentional or negligent damages. Thereafter, on a voluntary basis Airtec will be very open to provide repairs or replacements for all non-intentional or non-negligent damages free of charge to all those customers who submit their units for maintenace on schedule. (For further details on the warranty reference section 15 of the user's guide.)

Parachuting (Skydiving, Flying, & related activities) is, by its nature, a high risk activity and may cause or result in serious injury or death.

Regardless of any advertising or other written, verbal, or perceived claims to the contrary, parachuting is a high-speed dangerous activity that can severly injure or kill you. In spite of everyone’s intentions, there is no such thing as perfect parachute equipment, a perfect drop zone, a perfect airplane, a perfect instructor, a perfect pilot, a perfect parachute rigger, a perfect packer, a perfect skydiver, or a perfect student, and each of these factors and others involved will likely fail to perform as intended on occasion, possibly resulting in grave consequences, including serious injury or death.

Parachuting is a privilege, and those who participate do so of their own free will and acknowledge the risks involved. In return for the privilege, they knowingly give up certain rights and agree that neither they, nor anyone on their behalf, will seek damages from any person or entity involved, including but not limited to dropzones, instructors, aircraft owners, equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Automatic Activation Devices (AADs) are strictly backup devices and are not intended to replace proper training or timely execution of appropriate emergency procedures. Use of an AAD may even cause injury or death under certain circumstances. Prior to any use of an AAD, you must consult all relevant equipment manufacturers’ owners and operating manuals, and must obtain training from a properly qualified instructor to become more familiar with the risks involved and to ensure proper use of your equipment, including the AAD.

The “CYPRES” AAD has been on the market for over 20 years, has a near-perfect reliability record and has likely saved thousands of lives. Statistics indicate that its use tends to reduce the risk of serious injury or death. However, it must be understood that CYPRES does not eliminate these risks, and in certain rare circumstances it may even increase the risks.

The CYPRES is strictly a backup device which may or may not save your life or prevent serious injury. The CYPRES is an electromechanical device and as such, the possibility of a malfunction can not be excluded. The CYPRES does not open or deploy a parachute. It simply cuts a loop, which should allow the parachute opening sequence to begin. Because of many variables, this opening sequence may or may not occur at all, or in time to save your life or prevent injury. In an emergency, nothing, including the CYPRES, replaces your responsibility to activate your reserve parachute in a timely manner. If you, your family, relatives, or friends are not willing to accept these risks, please discontinue the use of CYPRES, and seriously consider taking up a safer sport!

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