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Your CYPRES Questions Answered

How do I determine when my CYPRES is due for voluntary maintenance?

How do I find my unit’s date of manufacture (DOM)?

Which CYPRES units have a 15.5 year lifetime?

Which CYPRES units have the option of voluntary maintenance?

I’m ready for CYPRES maintenance. Now what?

I don’t live in the US. How should I ship my CYPRES to SSK?

Can I get my CYPRES converted to a different model?

Can I convert my CYPRES 1-pin cutter to a 2-pin cutter and vice versa during maintenance?

Do you offer rental CYPRES units?

How do I find the Date of Manufacture (DOM) of my CYPRES cutter?

What is the CYPRES trade-in program?

My CYPRES is missing or stolen. Now what?

My CYPRES was submerged in water. What do I do?

What is the CYPRES warranty policy?

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